20 Examples Of Search Engines

The finders of Internet sites are designed to provide information within seconds about what you’re looking for, offering a huge list of sites where you can find the answer to what you are asking.

It is a completely new concept and is surely one of the most valuable contributions that the Internet has made since the search modality has been equated or standardized.

Whereas before the Internet for some questions an encyclopedia was necessary; for others, a phone book and for others, approaching a certain person and asking the question directly, Internet search engines achieve all this in a single procedure.

Examples of search engines


Google Hispavista
Yahoo! The searcher
Terra Giga Blast
All the web Real names
High view Meta seeks
Duck Duck Go Exalt
Bing Electric Monk
Direct hits Buscope
Overture Elcano
Infoseek Thematic

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Search engines history

The history of Internet search engines is paradigmatic with respect to the exponential evolution that computing has had in general: the emergence occurred in 1993 with very rudimentary procedures that, although innovative, simply offered the number of responses that existed to that query in the network without specifying each one.

Gradually new sites appeared that refined the functions until the largest company in terms of Internet sites in the short history arrived in 1997Google.


It is impossible to talk about Internet search engines without quickly referring to this site, which currently concentrates more than 80% of Internet searches, which represents a number close to 500 million daily queries, many of which are completely new and not had been done previously.

A significant number of Internet users have Google as their home page in their browser, and many more use it as the default search engine above any other. In fact, today it is common for us to be told: “Why don’t you google it!”, When someone says they need to know about something or someone.

The other Internet sites are frequently very interested in having an appearance in the first results that Google responds to queries, for which they pay money, but relatively.

Google is constantly pending on improving the dynamics of its search engine and the way it performs instant reviews, for which it uses highly trained personnel in systems around the world.

As said, the use of search engines has spread and is commonplace for almost all Internet users. Almost all sites choose to have their own search engine with which to offer their content, however, users often prefer to use Google even as an internal search tool.

Perhaps the only limitation that these valuable tools have is in the exaggerated use of them, especially in younger people, who choose to go to these tools in the event of suffering some physical or psychological symptoms, believing that the answer will be there and not a professional.


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