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21 Easy Weeknight Dinners for Two Healthy Recipe

You know how it is: you come home from work tired and hungry and need something tasty and quick to make for two. These easy recipes come together in 40 minutes or less, so you can relax after a long day instead of slaving away at the stove. With beef, chicken and vegetable options, you’re sure to find a dinner that will appeal to everyone.

21 Easy Weeknight Dinners for Two

Here are 21 easy weeknight dinner recipes for two that are healthy and delicious:

  1. Grilled Chicken with Avocado Salad: Marinate chicken breasts in olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice, then grill until cooked through. Serve with a simple salad made of avocado, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and mixed greens.
  2. One-Pot Quinoa and Vegetable Stir Fry: In a large skillet, sauté onions, bell peppers, and broccoli until tender. Add in cooked quinoa, soy sauce, and sesame oil for a quick and healthy stir fry.
  3. Roasted Salmon with Broccoli: Roast salmon fillets in the oven with lemon juice and olive oil. Serve alongside roasted broccoli for a nutritious and flavorful meal.
  4. Vegetable Frittata: Sauté your favorite vegetables (such as zucchini, bell peppers, and spinach) in a cast iron skillet. Whisk together eggs and pour over the vegetables, cooking until the eggs are set.
  5. Chicken Fajitas: Sauté chicken strips with bell peppers and onions, then wrap in whole wheat tortillas with avocado, salsa, and Greek yogurt for a healthy take on fajitas.
  6. Lentil Soup: Combine lentils, carrots, celery, onion, and garlic in a pot with vegetable broth and simmer until tender. Serve with crusty bread for a cozy and comforting meal.
  7. Grilled Shrimp Skewers: Marinate shrimp in olive oil, garlic, and paprika, then grill until cooked through. Serve with a simple side salad or grilled vegetables.
  8. Zucchini Noodles with Turkey Meatballs: Use a spiralizer to create zucchini noodles, then top with homemade turkey meatballs and tomato sauce for a healthy and satisfying dinner.
  9. Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken Breasts: Mix spinach, feta cheese, and garlic, then stuff into chicken breasts and bake in the oven for a delicious and protein-packed meal.
  10. Chickpea and Vegetable Curry: Sauté onions, garlic, and ginger with curry powder, then add in chickpeas, tomatoes, and your favorite vegetables. Serve with brown rice for a flavorful and filling dinner.
  11. Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms: Remove the stems from portobello mushrooms and fill with a mixture of quinoa, spinach, and feta cheese. Bake in the oven until tender.
  12. Greek Chicken Bowls: Grill chicken breasts and serve over a bed of quinoa with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, and a simple vinaigrette.
  13. Veggie Pesto Pasta: Cook your favorite whole wheat pasta, then toss with homemade pesto sauce and sautéed vegetables (such as zucchini, mushrooms, and bell peppers).
  14. Grilled Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce: Marinate flank steak in olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice, then grill until cooked to your desired level of doneness. Serve with a homemade chimichurri sauce made of parsley, garlic, and red pepper flakes.
  15. Cauliflower Fried Rice: Pulse cauliflower in a food processor until it resembles rice, then sauté with scrambled eggs, peas, carrots, and soy sauce for a low-carb and flavorful twist on fried rice.
  16. Baked Sweet Potatoes with Chickpea Chili: Bake sweet potatoes in the oven, then top with homemade chili made of chickpeas, diced tomatoes, and your favorite spices.
  17. Pan-Seared Scallops with Roasted Brussels Sprouts: Sear scallops in a hot pan with olive oil and garlic, then serve with roasted Brussels sprouts and a squeeze of lemon juice.
  18. Turkey and Spinach Stuffed Peppers: Cut the tops off of bell

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