25 Examples of Natural phenomena

Natural phenomena are all those that occur for natural reasons without the direct participation of man. For example. volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, earthquakes.

In colloquial language, we usually speak of natural phenomena in allusion to unusual events of high negative impact (from the perspective of man), that is, as a synonym for natural disasters.

Poor planning of cities, deforestation or the construction of megaprojects engineering (dams, dikes) may be associated with poorly planned the occurrence of natural disasters.

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Rains, winds or rising tides can transform into terrible natural disasters if they reach an exaggerated dimension. And what’s worse: these often come unexpectedly, magnifying their impact.

Furthermore, natural phenomena govern the biological cycle of plants and animals. For example. the migration of birds by changing the climatic season in search of more favorable temperatures, or the arrival of whales near the coast at certain times of the year, or the spawning of fish in certain sectors of the river.

Likewise, daylight hours and temperatures govern flowering, fruit maturation in numerous plant species. The newly named phenomena are habitual and necessary for the harmony of the ecosystem.


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