Difference between Accuracy and Precision

What is Difference between Accuracy and precisionAccuracy and precision are two very closely related concepts. Their difference lies in the fact that accuracy is a term that defines the ability of a measuring instrument to get close to a real magnitude, while precision defines the number of times that this instrument can provide the same results in a measurement.

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Accuracy Vs Precision: Comparison


What is Accuracy?

For engineering, science, industry, and statistics, accuracy is the ability of a measuring instrument to approach the value of the true magnitude in a measurement. The accuracy depends on the systematic errors that occur during measurement, marking the proximity of a mean to the true value and consequently, the validity of said measurement. If we assume several measurements, we do not measure the error of each one, but the distance at which the true measurement is from the mean obtained in the measurements, this will define how calibrated measurement equipment is.

Accuracy is the closeness to the experimental value obtained and the exact value of the said measure, however, the exact value of a physical quantity is utopian, since it is absolutely impossible to know it without any uncertainty.

What is Precision?

For science, industry, engineering, and statistics, precision is the ability of an instrument to give the same result in different measurements made under the same conditions. It reflects the proximity between different measurements and is a function of accidental errors. It is an essential parameter since its results expressed as a number of different indications of the maximum error estimated for a magnitude. Indicates a zone within which the true value of magnitude is found. Suggested video: Accuracy and Precision

Differences between accuracy and precision

  • Accuracy defines the ability of a measuring instrument to reflect the true magnitude of an object.
  • Precision is the concept that defines the ability of an instrument to provide the same result throughout measurements under the same conditions.
  • Precision is a function of errors, and accuracy will depend on systematic errors that occurred during a measurement.


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