Which are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Science

The set of knowledge obtained through the use of observation and experimentation techniques is known as science. This knowledge is organized and classified and it is from it that hypotheses, laws and scientific theories are formulated. The knowledge covered by science is multiple and varied. Research and analyze phenomena of nature (natural sciences ), social phenomena ( social sciences ) and areas such as mathematics and logic ( formal sciences ).

The scientific method is one of the most widespread techniques to obtain scientific knowledge. Based on objective and verifiable conclusions, it is mainly used in the natural sciences. Which are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Science?

Used responsibly, scientific and technological advances bring many advantages since they are developed to produce an improvement in the quality of life of human beings.

The disadvantages of science occur as a result of abuse or misuse of scientific knowledge or new technologies. There are scientific discoveries that are advantageous to humanity but that leave behind consequences that cause damage to people or the environment. Which are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Science?

Advantages of science

  • Discovering techniques and medicines that save lives. Example: penicillin, DNA strands.
  • Search for natural resources and new methods of more sustainable energy.
  • Large-scale food production to supply the largest population. Discovery of methods for food preservation.
  • Exploration of the flora and fauna of the territory that allows knowing and take care of it.
  • Knowledge of the behavior patterns of human beings.

Disadvantages of science

  • Technological and scientific advances that produce environmental pollution.
  •  Testing of technological advances in animals.
  •  Inequalities between populations due to the misuse of some technological advances.
  •  Development of specific technologies to violate human rights.
  •  Competition between man and machine through robotics.
  • Abuse of certain discoveries. Example: nuclear energy for the generation of atomic bombs.

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