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Types of Advertisement with names & Strategies

Types of advertisementCommon types of advertisement are: social media ads, display ads, magazines and newspapers, outdoor advertisements, podcasts and radio, direct mail, video ads, product placement, email marketing.

Types of advertisement Campaigns can be classified as:

– The objectives of the operation: this depends on where the product is on the market. It can be classified into:

  1. Launch: this type of campaign aims to announce the launch of a new product and its functions, advantages, and benefits are. This campaign is necessary to create a positive first impression, it must generate the idea of ​​innovation or improvement of previous products.
  2. Expectation: aims to create a feeling of uncertainty or intrigue in the face of a change in products or the launch of a new article. This can be a risky campaign since it can motivate the competition to imitate the product.
  3. Reactivation: it is used to maintain market positions in the face of competition, extraordinary situations or decreased sales.
  4. Maintenance: these operations are intended to sustain sales levels. For this, ideas are disseminated that have normally already been incorporated into the product.
  5. Relaunch: they are used when there is a change in the articles, whether due to changes planned or not, for example by the launch of similar products by the competition.

These techniques are used to reposition products in a renewed way. Some examples are the change of packaging or improvements in the product itself.

  1. Strengthening campaign: aims to present changes in the product or to remember its existence.
  2. Positioning: its purpose is to improve the image of the product.
  3. Competition: in this case, those who are in a lower position in the market are directly attacked.

– According to the receiver :

  1. Product – receiver relationship: these campaigns are directed exclusively at the consumer directly.
  2. Location of the recipient: these campaigns will be different depending on where the potential consumer is located. In other words, the campaigns will be different if they have an international, national or local scope, with the vocabulary, expressions, scenarios being modified, among other elements.

– According to the product :

Commercial: it seeks to generate a good image for the product, exposing certain values ​​of the company, whether these are production-oriented or have a social impact, such as making donations. It can be mobilized for economic, political, social or marketing purposes.

Non-commercial: these are not pursuing economic purposes, they may be for civic welfare or propaganda, for example, political propaganda.

– Other types of classification:

Rational or emotional: in this case the campaign can resort to the generation of longings for a certain way of life, to the feelings, the sensations of the expectant or be directed towards a rational purchase, giving the reasons for buying, its advantages, among other things.

Mixed: These campaigns take elements of emotional and rational, combining them.


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