Difference between Alpha and Beta Rays

Difference between alpha and beta rays

Alpha rays

Beta rays


The mass of earth -particle is nearly four times the mass of the hydrogen nucleus. Their mass is small, so they are easily scattered by the nuclei of atoms.


The charge on -particle is positive. The charge on -particle is negative.

Kinetic energy

The kinetic energy of -rays is greater than that of -rays. The kinetic energy of -rays is less than that of -rays.

Penetration power

Their penetration power is very small. Their penetration power is greater than -rays

Ionization ability

The ionization power of-rays is very large. Their ionization power of -rays is very small.


The velocity of -raysis from 1.4 x107 to 1.7 x m/s The velocity of -rays is from 9 x 107 m/s to 27 x 107 m/s


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