Antivirus of computer

Computer antiviruses are those programs by which viruses can be prevented from entering the computer and even spread through it. Antiviruses have the ability to remove them and repair the damage caused.

Common Types of Antivirus of computer are:

  • Comodo Antivirus
  • McAfee antivirus
  • Norton antivirus
  • Kaspersky antivirus
  • Ad-Aware antivirus
  • AVG antivirus


We learn in detail about types of computer antivirus.

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Computer antivirus can be classified into:

A) Online Antivirus: in this case, they do not work as a means of protection for the computer, rather they are used to find out if there is a virus in it. These systems should not be installed as they are checked from the Internet. These do not act constantly since they are only activated when accessing specialized web pages.

B) Software Antivirus: these antiviruses must be installed on the computer for them to work constantly. These are classified into:

1. Antivirus detectors: Also known under the name of antivirus scanners, they are intended to find viruses through scanning the system. They are normally used to find viruses found on the hard disk, in memory or in certain programs.
According to the method these antivirus programs use to examine files, they can be classified into:

  • Heuristic antivirus: in this case, antivirus scan when programs act differently than usual.
  • Pattern antivirus: viruses are detected by their particular way of acting. In other words, these are specialized antivirus for each of the viruses individually.

2.  Resident Antivirus: this type of system is continuously kept in the computer memory to be able to recognize the virus immediately. The antivirus scans each of the loaded programs to check that they are virus-free. Furthermore, this system discovers viruses that can be found on the hard disk, memory or in certain programs. These can also be classified into heuristic and pattern antivirus.

3. Antivirus Immunizers: better known as protectors, these antiviruses allow the virus to enter the programs. However, they are not the most popular antivirus as they take up too much memory space. This causes the programs and the computer to work much slower.

4. Antivirus Eliminators: these viruses, also called cleaners, take effect when the virus has already been deactivated. It is at this time that it deletes viruses from a file, programs or disk.
In order to eliminate the infection, this type of antivirus must have the information on how each virus must be eliminated in a particular way.


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