Application software

What is application software?

Application software is a series of programs that cooperate with users to do one or more specific tasks, such as writing a text. There are several types of application software, including word processing, games, spreadsheets, Databases, etc.

List of Application Software:types of application software

  • Word processing software
  • Spreadsheet Software
  • Desktop Publishing Software
  • Database Software
  • Communication Software
  • Presentation Software
  • Internet Browsers
  • Email Programs

Spreadsheet: through these programs the user can work and operate with data that are alphanumeric that are distributed in columns and rows. By means of this program, the user manages to perform arithmetic and also graphical operations. These operations are carried out by calculating the cells, referring to them in a relative or absolute way. Some of the programs of this type are Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Corel Quattro Pro, among others.

Database administrator: database is understood to be a set of files that are used as resources for computerized information systems. The data of these, through established relationships, are integrated. Application software is what supports data storage, manipulation, and retrieval. Within these they can be divided into two groups: database administrator systems (DBMS) that use the capabilities of the computer to quickly retrieve and store data from both primary and secondary storage. On the other hand, there are the filling programs that are shaped by manual filling technicians.

Plotter: these allow the user to design any type of illustration. To carry them out, they use bitmaps or vector drawings, using pixels of different colors and luminosity, in order to represent the desired images. The plotters allow for simple illustrations such as logos as well as professional and more complex images. Some graphing programs are Corel, Photo Editor, Photoshop or Publisher.

Word processor: here are those that help the user in the manipulation and writing of texts. The word processors have the option to modify the font size and color, they have a dictionary, a spell checker, they allow printing, drawing, diagramming, among other functions. Some programs included in this category are Word, Amipro, and Wordperfect among others.

Communication software: they are those that allow you to relate or share information from the interconnection of your computers. Microwave circuits, satellite retransmission, special cables or telephone lines are used for data exchange. Some programs within this type of software are PPT, SLIT, Smartcomm, and Camaleon.

Groupware software: this helps teams or workgroups to carry out activities together, controlling the workflow within the group and sharing information between them. Through this software you can manage projects, schedule the workgroup and its times, retrieve databases, share data and ideas and view the screen of other users.

Integrated business software: through these programs, its users manage to control all those activities that are considered vital within a company. Some of them are lifting manufacturing, ordering, and accounting and managing the supply chain, human resources, and finance.

Software Groups: These groups include packages with various built-in application software. Such as word processors, database management systems, spreadsheets, communication tools, plotters, and others. Some examples are Microsoft Office, Lotus Smart Sorte or Corel Perfect Office.


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