Banana and banana

Differences between Plantain and Banana
Differences between Plantain and Banana

The Differences between Plantain and Banana are given here. In Spanish-speaking countries, different terms are usually used, which for certain areas are not a synonym and for others they are. In some countries, banana or banana is the fruit, that is consumed in smoothies or alone, and the banana is the largest banana that is usually consumed fried, roasted, or boiled.

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It belongs to the genus as Musa balbisiana, it belongs to the plants of the Musaceae family. The banana plant is a large perennial plant, lacking a trunk as such, but rather has leaf sheaths that form non-woody pseudostems. They reach up to 7 meters high.

Bananas have a green color when they are immature. They can be consumed as tostones or boiled in soups. Ripe, they have a yellow or yellow color with black spots, it has a sweet taste, with a soft and somewhat sticky texture. It is usually eaten fried, in cakes, as an ingredient in other dishes.

On the plant, the fruit looks like a linear false berry between 7 and 15 cm long and up to 4 cm in diameter.

In the pulp, there are some small black seeds, globose, and in great quantity.


It is known as plantain, banana, or banana. There are numerous varieties, some are large, others small and sweet, some very aromatic, and others with a green shell even when they are ripe.

Bananas come from a grass that generates non-woody vertical pseudostems. They develop rhizomes that give rise to other plants and fruits.

They are usually consumed without any preparation, such as fruits, fruit salads, smoothies, purees, desserts, and others.

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Differences between Plantain and Banana

  • In Spain, the fruits known as bananas or bananas are known as plantain in some Latin American countries.
  • Bananas are eaten cooked, bananas are not.
  • They have different nutritional value:

Differences between Plantain and Banana
Differences between Plantain and Banana
  • They have different size and characteristics:

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