Beauty and aesthetics salon

Differences between Beauty Salon and Aesthetics
Differences between Beauty Salon and Aesthetics

The Differences between Beauty Salon and Aesthetics are given here. A beauty salon is a place dedicated to those activities dedicated to changing our appearance and improving the health of our skin, hair, hands, and feet, while a beauty salon is a center specialized in the application of cosmetic treatments with individual rooms dedicated to each one. of them, they are characterized by the practice of non-invasive treatments to improve the appearance of the skin.

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Beauty salon

Beauty salons are places dedicated to improving physical appearance. From Ancient Greece these places began to develop where the power of the city combed their hair since the birth of art and vanity began. In these places, they used animal fat and herbs to create creams and makeup that the upper class used to beautify themselves.

During the Renaissance, personal care reached all of society and the use of lotions and perfumes increased due to the poor hygiene of the time.

During the Baroque, the court spent large sums of money on jewelry, accessories, clothing, and hair care. The neglect of the State gave way to the French Revolution and later the Industrial Revolution took place, where simplicity began when dressing. Hygiene increased and the profession of hairdressing emerged. There were still no salons and hairdressers mostly attended at home. Men came to the barbershop.

The concept that we all know as a beauty salon was developed by Canadian Martha Matilde Harper who also devised the concept of franchises.

In a beauty salon, you can cut, comb and dye your hair, perform body and eyebrow waxing, peeling, manicures and pedicures, tanning and you can even request healthy products for consumption.


They are establishments specially dedicated to performing aesthetic and cosmetic treatments. It has isolated rooms for individual use and for each of its services.

Even today, they perform superficial treatments on the skin and invasive treatments such as lifts, implants, injections, application of drugs, and liposuction.

In most modern aesthetics, non-invasive body and facial treatments are applied dedicated to each person, such as radiofrequency and ultra cavitation, mesotherapy, thermotherapy, ozone therapy, and radiofrequency.

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Differences between Beauty Salon and Aesthetics

  • A beauty salon is a place dedicated to highlighting the beauty of our attributes such as hair, skin, and nails.
  • An anesthetic is a professional place with several rooms dedicated to different services where beauty treatments for the skin and body are performed, most of them dedicated to eliminating or concealing the passage of time.
  • In a beauty salon, haircuts, hairstyles, waxing, tanning, and manicures and pedicures are performed.
  • In an aesthetic, liftings, mesotherapy, radiofrequency, thermotherapy, and many more novel treatments are performed.

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