Bishop and Archbishop

difference between a bishop and an archbishop
difference between a bishop and an archbishop

The difference between a bishop and an is given here. A bishop is a faithful who receives leadership and responsibility for the priests or pastors of a defined territory, while an archbishop is an honorary title granted to a bishop who is in charge of not only a diocese but also smaller ones.

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In Christianity, a bishop is one of the faithful who receives the leadership to supervise the pastors or priests of a territory. The Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, some Lutheran churches, and the Anglican Communion maintain the apostolic succession is maintained through the ordination of bishops in a personal and uninterrupted way since the time of the apostles, this means that the apostles ordained bishops and they continued to ordain new bishops to this day.

In practice, it is always a priest who receives the sacrament of the priestly order to its highest degree. A bishop is considered to be the member of the church who has received the fullness of the priesthood, is the successor of the apostles, and is in charge of the government of a diocese.

Each bishop is in charge of the care of a local Church organized as a diocese. Each diocese is structured in a city and this has a cathedral under the responsibility of the bishop.


The archbishop is a member of the Christian episcopal order who enjoys a higher status than the bishop. It is facing an important diocese, either because of its size or historical importance, called an archdiocese. When a bishop becomes an archbishop he is not ordained or receives a sacrament.

Has no greater power than a bishop, but is in charge of prestigious dioceses.

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Difference between a Bishop and an Archbishop

  • A bishop is a priest ordained by the Pope charged with running the government of a diocese.
  • The archbishop is one degree above the bishop since he is in charge of a prestigious archdiocese or diocese and is in charge of minor dioceses.

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