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Types of Business Letter

The letters are those media that are used to transmit a message via written means. It is written by a sender to a receiver. There are various classifications of cards, which may or may not be formal. An example is business letters. This type of letter is used in commercial relations either between companies or companies with their employees and they are even clients.

List of Business Lettertypes of business letter

  • Sales Letters
  • Order Letters
  • Complaint Letters
  • Adjustment Letters
  • Inquiry Letters
  • Follow-Up Letters
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Acknowledgment Letters

There are different types of business letters, in turn, these can receive various classifications:

  1. Professional: indentation is used in the greeting and at the beginning of all paragraphs.
  2. Modern: No indentation is used and the card starts immediately on the left side.
  3. Evolved: It is possible to omit both the greeting and the farewell regardless of what type of style is chosen for the rest of the letter.
  4. Modern changed: it is very similar to the modern style except that the final part of the letter, that is, the farewell and the signature is written on the right side.

There are other ways to classify business letters:

  1. Reports: they can be personal, that is, they require a certain company to refer to a certain person since they have worked in it. It can also be of a commercial nature, these letters are intended for personnel who carry out the same activities, informing about other subjects, be they suppliers, clients, among others.
  2. Request: four models can be distinguished: collection letter, signature request, acceptance letter or information request face.
  3. Claim: claims can be by order (certain difficulties in the production received are exposed, it is sent to the supplier by the customer) or claims for non-payment (it is written to the customer because he has not complied with the stipulated payment methods)
  4. Internal communications: three models can be differentiated:
  • Circular: they are communications that issue questions that may interest all the personnel of a company.
  • Greeting: used to make private invitations, as a way of recognition, among others
  • Internal communications: these are always accompanied by a certificate.

The third classification of business letters could be the following:

  1. Sales letter: these letters are written at any stage of the purchase and sale of products. Some examples are orders, claims, collections.
  2. Letter of PR: they are sent with the purpose of stimulating the relations of the commercial field. Some examples are letters of congratulations or invitations.
  3. Various: A large variety of cards can be found in this classification. For example, tracking, advertising, staff recommendation.


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