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ICSE publications contain a carefully selected list of topics from the biological literature. The articles will help the students to better understand the language concepts in an easy way for the students.

Often the material provided in textbooks is inadequate or written in really technical language that is difficult for students to understand.

Content is prepared after extensive research by subject matter experts. It contains all the important topics that are frequently asked in exams.

All topics were reviewed in detail before the articles were prepared. Therefore, it will also provide information in addition to what is provided in the textbook. This should also help students in competitive exams.

  • Putrefaction

    What is Putrefaction? Decomposition is the decomposition of organic matter due to the action of microorganisms leading to the formation…

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  • Microsporangia

    The microsporangia is the structure in the male reproductive part of the plant that contained the pollen. Structure of Microsporangia…

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  • Retrovirus

    Retroviruses are viruses that have RNA as genetic material. They belong to the Retroviridae family of retroviruses. Once a cell…

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  • Restriction Enzymes

    Definition “Resistance enzymes are enzymes produced by certain bacteria that have the property of cleaving DNA at or near specific…

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  • Behavioural Genetics

    “Behavior genetics is a scientific field of study that uses genetic methods to identify the sources and patterns of behavioral…

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  • Taeniasis

    What is Taeniasis? Taeniasis is a type of infectious disease caused by parasites, especially intestinal worms of the genus Taenia.…

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  • Cryopreservation

    “Cryopreservation is the use of extremely low temperatures to structurally preserve cells and tissues.” What is Cryopreservation? Cryopreservation is a…

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  • Marasmus

    There are different types of malnutrition that affect both children and adults. This malnutrition is also called Malnutrition. Deficiency diseases…

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  • Dental Formula

    Introduction Four types of teeth are located in the bones of the jaw, extending into the mouth. The four types…

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  • Ureotelism

    What Is Ureotelism? The elimination of urea in an organism is called ureotelysm, and animals that excrete their residue mainly…

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