The chemistry is the science of materials, in terms of composition, structure, and properties. Also study the changes that matter undergoes, which can be caused by chemical reactions or by the intervention of energy.
Different Branches of Biology

Inorganic chemistry: Refers to all elements and compounds with exceptions of carbon derivatives.
Organic Chemistry: Study of carbon compounds and derivatives.
Phytochemistry: Study the relationship between matter and energy in a reaction.
Analytical chemistry: Establishes methods and techniques to analyze the chemical composition of substances.
Biochemistry: Study the chemical reactions that take place in living organisms.

Although it is a complex discipline that requires a long preparation for its understanding and the advancement of knowledge, applications of chemistry can be observed in everyday life, since its application has improved our quality of life thanks to its combination with technology and technology. industry.

Furthermore, chemical reactions occur in nature itself, in our own bodies, and in everything around us.


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