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Chronic vs Acute Diseases

What is Acute Disease?

Some cases occur suddenly and last for several days. These are known as serious diseases, such as malaria. The condition can be treated or treated on its own. Severe illnesses often become chronic if persistent.

Chronic vs Acute Diseases

Serious illnesses can occur in all systems of the body. Asthma attacks, for example, are acute and then become chronic. Strep, osteoporosis, appendicitis, influenza and pneumonia are some of the more serious diseases.

What is a Chronic Disease

Diseases that occur over a period of time and last for a long time, or even for life, are called chronic diseases. In general, if the disease lasts more than three years, it is said to be chronic.

At first the symptoms are very mild. Chronic disease progresses slowly and damages the body greatly. Sometimes it can be fatal.

Risk factors for such diseases can be age, gender, poor health, etc. Chronic disease cannot be prevented whether it is treated or cured with medication or not. High blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes and psoriasis are some of the chronic diseases.

Key points on Acute and Chronic Diseases

  • Acute illnesses refer to medical conditions that occur suddenly and last for a short period of time.
  • Chronic diseases develop slowly and last throughout life.
  • Chronic diseases are sometimes fatal.
  • Acute diseases can be fatal if they last for a long time, otherwise they can be treated with some medicines.
  • Common cold, typhus, yellow fever, cholera and burns are some of the severe diseases.
  • Chronic diseases include diabetes, cancer, tuberculosis and arthritis.
  • So we can conclude that chronic diseases are more dangerous than acute diseases, they need proper care, attention and research because they affect the patient mentally and physically….
  • We have discussed acute and chronic diseases in detail and the difference between acute and chronic diseases. Health issues, causes, symptoms and treatments are all discussed here.
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