Difference between Circle and Sphere

Difference between circle and sphere
Difference between circle and sphere

The main difference between circle and sphere is that the circle and the sphere are one of the most recurrent figures for the practice of the pulse, together with the skill in graphing, the circle being one of the flat geometric elements. The sphere for its part, through its pole divisions, forms a three-dimensional representation.


The circle is a geometric figure that has an edge called the circumference, in addition to a curve that always has the same distance and the length proportional to the central point, from which the line for the figure starts.

The circle has internal elements such as the center that specifies the size of the figure, the radius that is the line that joins the center with the circumference (edge), and the diameter that together with the length provides the final size of the circle.


The sphere has a center and a set revolution of all points. That is, from the center point a number of external points are delimited which will form the total shape of the sphere through a number of divisions.

The sphere has elements called diameters, which is the segment created by the central point. A circle, which is the flat section that has not yet been divided into external points and poles, are the divisions that continue to the diameter until the geometric creation of the sphere is completed.

Differences between circle and sphere

  • The circle is a flat figure with a single central point.
  • The sphere is a solid figure that has a central point and several external points that visually provide a surface.
  • The circle is inside the sphere when the diameter division has not been made.
  • The sphere has divisions (poles) of different radii (sizes of lines that go from the center to the edge or circumference of the figure).
  • The circle has radii of the same size that run from the center to the circumference.
  • The circle is a two-dimensional figure, while the sphere is three-dimensional.

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