Cold Blooded Animals List

List of Cold Blooded AnimalsThe Difference Between Cold blooded animals is given here. Although the term is currently in disuse in the scientific context since that of ectothermic animals is used, this classification refers to those animals that regulate their body temperature depending on the ambient temperature.

Cold blooded animals generally inhabit very hot climates and are rarely seen in cold climates. However, there may be exceptions.

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List of cold blooded animals

Amia Loach
Anchovy Bass
Amphibians Stingray
Eel Metajuelo
Arachnid Brunette
Herring Salmon
Arquelin (fish) Perlon
Tuna Angel fish
Catfish Harlequin fish
Barracuda Spatula fish
Seahorse Lion fish
Alligator Clownfish
Chameleon Sawfish
Tent Piton
Cobra Frog
Crocodile Stripe
Corvina Salamander
Komodo dragon Toad
Guppy Sardine
Iguana Snake
Insect Sea snake
Killi Tetra
Lizard Shark
Lizard Tortoise
Lamprey Snake

Types of thermoregulation in terms of Cold Blooded animals

  • Ectotherm. All cold-blooded animals can be considered as ectothermic animals since they regulate their body temperature in relation to the ambient temperature.
  • Poikilothermia. They are animals that regulate their body temperature, equating it to that of their immediate environment.
  • Bradimetabolism. They are animals that vary the speed of their metabolism to regulate their body temperature depending on the existing food and the ambient temperature.

As with warm-blooded animals, not all cold-blooded animals have all three characteristics of thermoregulation.

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