Complaint and claim

Differences between Complaint and Claim
Differences between Complaint and Claim

The Differences between Complaint and Claim is given here. It is very common to confuse a, they can be used synonymously, however, they present notable differences.

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A complaint can be defined as a lament, expression of pain, feeling, or grief. It is seen as resentment.

It is also defined as an accusation, especially one that is made before a judge or a competent court as part of a criminal process or action against those responsible for a crime.

It is also the claim that the heirs make before a judge asking for the invalidation of an unofficial will.

A complaint appeal is filed by the courts in the face of the invasion of powers by administrative authorities, resistance to admitting an appeal, or other resources.


Complaining is opposing something in writing or orally, thus expressing a complaint or disagreement. It is very common to use this term in Latin America while in Spain the term claim is used and it is the equivalent of the “Complaint Notebook” in Argentina.

It is a resource that some companies make available to their clients to settle claims. At other times, complaints can be sent by email or via telephone service.

It is a consumer right and is protected by various laws and regulations. A consumer has the right to claim if the product or service received does not meet their expectations due to company errors.

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Differences between Complaint and Claim

  • The complaint is a term with numerous meanings, it can represent a claim, pain, regret, feeling, or grief. A complaint is an accusation that is made in front of a judge or court requesting justice or the invalidation of some document.
  • A claim is to oppose a situation or element in writing or through the word to express a complaint or disagreement. It is usually the right of a user to receive a good or service.

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