What are the main components of computer?

Main components of computer
Main components of computer

There are four main components of the computer system:

  1. Input devices ( Keyboard, mouse, scanner, microphone, etc ).
  2. Output devices ( Monitor, speaker, printer, etc).
  3. Primary and secondary storage devices.
  4. Processing devices.


The physical component of the computer is called hardware.

The central processing unit (CPU)

The central processing unit is the brain of any computer. It has two main or major parts: Arithmetic and Logic Unit and Control Unit.


Buses are the sets of wires or connections used to transmit data/ information from one place/computer to the other place inside the computer.


Memory is a place to keep data for later use. Computer memory is divided into two categories primary and secondary memory.

Input and Output Devices

Input or output devices are the eyes and the mouth of the computer. Input devices are used to take input from user and supply to the computer. Output devices are used to show the results/information to the user.


Ports are the places at the back of the computer used to connect various external devices to the computer.


The collection of the various computers and other devices connect with each other to share the resources is called network.


A computer network is any computer that links two or more computers.


The network is a computer system that uses the communications equipment to connect two or more computers and their resources.


A computer network is an integration of the computer system, terminals, and communications links.


A computer network is a system composed of two or more computers and terminals.


The Internet is the largest network of the world that connects computers located in different parts of the world.

Internet is a global interconnected network of thousands of networks linking academic, research, government, and commercial institutions, and other organizations and individuals.


It is a global network that connects more than then thousands of networks, millions of large multi-user computers, and ten million users in more than 100 countries.


It is a public communication worldwide network.


The internet sometimes called simply “the Net”, is a loosely organized global collection of thousands of networks.

Ways to connect with the Internet

There are three ways to connect PC to the internet.

  1. Via an information service gateway

You can connect with your PC to the internet via commercial information services, such as America Online (AOL) or Microsoft Network (MSN). AOL and other information services provide an electronic gateway to the Net.

  1. Via an internet service provider (ISP)

Internet service provides is any company that offers for a fee, a server computer, and the software needed to access the internet. You can connect your PC easily via ISP.

  1. Via network connection

At this level, your PC is wired directly into the internet, usually via a Local Area Network (LAN). A LAN will normally have a high-speed digital link to the internet, which is shared by the users on the LAN. Direct connection via a LAN is almost immediate and is available 24 hours a day.

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