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Types of departments

The word department contains several meanings, one of them refers to the different parts into which a company is divided. Within this scope, generally speaking of the following types of departments, taking into account what their main activities are :

Production department: It is the one that is in charge of everything that has to do with the elaboration of the product that the company sells. He is therefore in charge of the working methods used in the company, planning production, coordinating manufacturing processes or providing services. It must also control everything that has to do with the inputs, merchandise or materials used within the company, the machinery and facilities that are part of the production process, the quality of the products and keep control of the stock. Other issues that are also the responsibility of this department are the care of the environment, the prevention of occupational accidents, the design of services or products.

Department of personnel or human resources: it is the one in charge of everything that has to do with company personnel. The tasks that it carries out are then of selection, hiring, and training of personnel, determination of bonuses and wages, preparation of files, administration of wages and execution of collective agreements. In addition, many times it is in charge of planning and carrying out internal communication if there is no specialized department for this. On the other hand, it is also in your hands to establish links with the institution’s lawyers, carry out layoffs, resolve labor disputes, coordinate staff, establish norms and rules within the company, and resolve problems related to work accidents.


Administration department: broadly speaking, it is in charge of controlling the numerous functions that are performed within the company. In addition, it coordinates the administration of the entire entity and performs accounting tasks as well as contacts with customers.

Sales or commercial department: it is in charge of ensuring that the services or goods that the company produces reach the consumer, which is why the tasks it performs have to do with obtaining knowledge about the competition and the target market, as well as about prices and sales. In addition, the tasks related to promotions, advertising, distribution, training of sellers and even buyers, organization of sales networks, marketing plans, among others, belong to it.


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