Difference between Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases

Therefore, air pollution can be a threat to human health while greenhouse gases are not (at low concentrations, of course). In fact, greenhouse gases are necessary for life on Earth because they provide insulation from the cold space of space.

Difference between Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases

What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution is the emission of air pollutants that are harmful to human health and to the whole world. The Clean Air Act allows the United States to protect public health by controlling the release of these toxic pollutants into the air, and since its inception in 1970 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NRDC has been a leader in this legislation.

Burning fossil fuels releases gases and chemicals into the air. Air pollution not only creates climate change in a very dangerous feedback loop, but is also exacerbated by global warming so that increased temperatures worsen other types of air pollution, smog is created when the weather warms while UV is high Climate change (longer pollen season. , more of pollen production) of air pollution production Production also increases.

What is Greenhouse Gases?

Gas, any gas released from the earth, which has the ability to absorb infrared radiation (thermal energy) and reradiate it to the earth’s surface, thus contributing to the earth effect (greenhouse effect).

The most important gases are carbon dioxide, . methane and water vapor (Ozone, nitrous oxide, and surface fluorinated gases absorb low infrared radiation.)

Although only a small fraction of all atmospheric greenhouse gases, greenhouse gases have a significant impact on the Earth’s energy budget.

Throughout Earth’s history, greenhouse gases have varied dramatically, and these changes have caused dramatic changes in climate at intervals.

Difference between Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases

Air pollution Greenhouse gases

Effects on Humans and Other Living Organisms

It can cause breathing problems and other related ailments under prolonged exposure. Greenhouse gases are generally harmless. However, certain gases such as ozone can be toxic if inhaled directly.

Effect of the Environment

Air pollution can have a detrimental effect on the environment. It can cause acid rain that can affect aquatic environments. Greenhouse gases are relatively harmless up to a certain level. However, once the gases start accumulating beyond a certain threshold, global warming can wreak havoc.

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