Difference Between Ape and Man

Before understanding the differences between human and monkey, let’s take a brief introduction. Humans and monkeys are in the same order – primates including monkeys.

Difference Between Ape and Man

Primates belong to a group of mammals with grasping hands, large brains, and extremely high levels of innate behavior and learning. There are approximately 300 species of non-human primates, currently known to Carl Linnaeus.

These are divided into arthropods and prosimians; The first consists of a man, a monkey and a human while the second consists of a lemur and a loris. Later calcification changes occurred.

Based on the characteristics of monkeys above, we can conclude that monkeys can be considered as close living relatives of man. Additionally, apes and humans have more features than most other animals such as increased brains, social interactions and body size;

This is also because we had common ancestors millions of years ago. While apes and humans are similar, there are many differences between apes and humans that we will explore further.

Difference Between Ape and Man



Most apes have very prominent brow ridges The brow ridges in humans are less pronounced
Most apes have a diastema (an open space between upper incisors) Humans do not have a diastema
Arms are longer than legs Arms are NOT longer than legs
Most apes have a C-shaped spine Humans have an S-shaped spine
Great toes (hallux) is opposable Hallux is not opposable
(Some) apes can make simple tools Humans can make much more complex tools
Apes do not have any written language Humans have many written languages

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