Difference Between Centre of Gravity and Centroid

Every object has a certain weight, and an object has a certain weight due to gravity. There is a difference between the center of gravity and the center of gravity. Both are based on the fact of uneven weight distribution or physiological abnormalities.

Difference Between Centre of Gravity and Centroid

The axis of mass of an object is called the point at which the mass of the entire object is concentrated, which means that the mass of the point is expressed as the mass of the whole The point at which the gravity of the gravitating object acts on the body

On the other hand, the reference point is called the geometric point of the uniform mass object. This means that the material has its weight evenly distributed throughout the body. If the body is homogeneous (with constant density), then its center of gravity is equal to the center.

What is Centre of Gravity?

In addition to the center of gravity, which is called the center of bary (the name comes from the Greek barium, which means heavy), the center of gravity is the point of view (at R, R). , R2 or R3) of a substance or system when the substance contains its total mass.

This point of view allows us to view the whole as a single point of a body whose mass is equal to the total mass of that body. The mass field exists at any physical point system, regardless of whether a force acts on the system or not. The center of mass is the place where the force of gravity acts on the body.

The weight cell can also be outside the weight limit of the body, which depends on its mass. The center of gravity of a triangle is at the intersection of two angle segments, and the center of gravity of a cube is at its diagonal cross section.

For bodies of irregular geometry, the center of gravity is at the intersection of the lines of gravity. This is the point at the average distance of some individual particles of the system or particle of the body, where any external force of any kind acts on the system of particles or body If the particle or system of bodies moves under the control of an external force

What is Centroid?

The geometric position in is called the focus. Simply put, the center coincides with the center of gravity when the body is uniform (with constant density).

In physics, the centroid of a body is defined as the centroid of the vector collection of gravitational acceleration of all the physical points of the same object.

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Difference Between Centre of Gravity and Centroid

Centre of Gravity Centroid
The point where the total weight of the body focuses upon It is referred to as the geometrical centre of a body
It is the point where the gravitational force (weight) acts on the body It is referred to the centre of gravity of uniform density objects
It is denoted by g It is denoted by c
Centre of Gravity in a uniform gravitational field is the average of all points, weighted by local density or specific weight The centroid is a point in a plane area in such a way that the moment of area about any axis throughout that point is 0
It is a physical behaviour of the object, a point where all the weight of an object is acting It is a geometrical behaviour. It is the centre of measure of the amount of geometry.


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