Difference Between Cerebellum and Cerebrum

The most important difference between Cerebellum and cerebrum is their size. The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain, accounting for about 80% of the total weight of the human brain.

The rest of the brain is the cerebellum. The brain controls movement, intelligence and voluntary memory. Accuracy, coordination, timing and posture are all controlled by the cerebellum.

Difference between cerebrum and cerebellum functions

Our brains are the result of millions of years of evolution. It is the most complex system in the human body, controlling and coordinating almost all the functions necessary for life.

What is Cerebrum?

The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain and is located in our forebrain. A long fissure divides the brain longitudinally into two hemispheres, the left and right hemispheres. Another division, called the median sulcus, bisects the two hemispheres.


The brain is the largest and most important part of the human brain. The densely packed cortex accounts for 80% of the total brain volume. The folded cortex increases the surface area of the brain, thereby increasing the number of neurons.

This makes the human brain more efficient than other vertebrates. It is known to affect voluntary movement, intelligence and memory.

Difference Between Cerebellum and Cerebrum

Cerebellum Cerebrum
Second largest part of the brain Largest part of the brain
Forms a part of the hindbrain Forms a part of the forebrain
It has two cerebellar hemispheres and the presence of a medial vermis Composed of two cerebral hemispheres, each consisting of 4 lobes, namely: temporal, parietal, occipital and the frontal lobe.
White matter in this region forms arbor vitae Unlike the cerebellum, the white matter does not form arbor vitae
Controls precision, coordination, accuracy of timing and posture Controls voluntary movement, intelligence and memory


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