Difference Between Chromatin and Chromosomes

DNA is packaged with special proteins called histones to form chromatin. Chromatin becomes more condensed to form chromosomes. This means that chromatin has a lower DNA structure, and chromosomes have a higher DNA structure.

Difference Between Chromatin and Chromosome

To understand how chromosomes and chromosomes differ from each other, let’s look at some of the basic differences between chromosomes and chromosomes.

What is Chromatin?

Chromatin is found in the nucleus of our cells. It consists of DNA and proteins that come together to form chromosomes. It compresses the DNA sequence into a compact unit and fits inside the nucleus.

Histone proteins organize DNA into special structures called nucleosomes. The nucleosome continues to fold to form chromatin fibers.

What is Chromosomes?

DNA is packaged in chromosome-like structures. DNA tightly wraps around histone proteins many times, forming chromosomes. These are formed by condensation of chromatin fibers.

Difference Between Chromatin and Chromosomes

Composed of nucleosomes They are condensed chromatin fibers
Unpaired Paired
Visualized under the electron microscope Visualised under a light microscope
Thin, long, uncoiled structure Thick, compact, ribbon-like structure
Allows DNA replication No metabolic activity shown

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