Difference Between Diode and Rectifier

A diode is a nonlinear circuit element. A diode is an electronic component that allows current to flow in one direction only. It is a two-terminal semiconductor device. A rectifier is a device used to convert AC voltage to DC voltage. The diode is used as a switch and the rectifier is used in a switch.

Difference Between Diode and Rectifier

What is Diode?

A diode is a semiconductor device that enables on-the-fly switching to current. It will allow flow of current in one direction and restrict movement in another in the opposite direction.

Diodes are also known as rectifiers because they convert alternating current to direct current. Any diode with an anode and a cathode can conduct current when a positive voltage is applied to the positive receiver which is the anode. Each diode is forward biased during forward current.

A reverse biased diode acts as an insulator. Diodes are used as signal limiters, voltage regulators, switches, signals, and even oscillators.

What is Rectifier?

Rectifiers are used to convert AC to DC. Two types of surgery are used today. A common adjuster is a bridge adjuster. It provides electricity and performs DC-DC conversion.

Several classifications of rectifiers are classified according to criteria such as power supply type, bridge configuration, components and control characteristics.

These are basically divided into two types: one-stage and three-stage correctors. There are three other classifications of reformers: uncontrolled, partially controlled, and fully controlled reformers.

Difference Between Diode and Rectifier

Diode Rectifier
A diode conducts current when it is forward biased and blocks the flow of current when reverse biased. A rectifier circuit consists of a diode, a step-down transformer and a filter circuit which collectively convert AC to DC.
The current-carrying capability is low in a diode. The current-carrying capability is high in a rectifier.
Diodes are used in switches, clampers, clippers, etc. Rectifiers are used in computers, batteries, etc.
Zener diode, photodiode, etc. are the different types of diodes. Single-phase rectifiers and three-phase rectifiers are the two types of rectifiers. Single-phase rectifiers are further divided into half-wave and full-wave rectifiers.


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