Difference Between Discovery and Invention

Discovery can be defined as finding something that already existed. Discoveries are usually made when something is discovered for the first time. Innovation is the creation of something completely new.

Difference Between Discovery and Invention


It is very important to know the difference between the two. Innovation can be simply defined as the creation of something new with knowledge, effort and skill. In contrast to discovery, invention is the creation of something entirely new that can have its own uses and functions in the modern world. Understanding the travel history will provide great insight into detecting trends.

What is Invention?

Innovation, on the other hand, is the process of creating something completely new and unique with one’s ideas and development.

Discovery and discovery have come a long way and students have often been confused between the two. However, you must understand that there is an important difference between discovery and discovery. To understand the difference, it is important to first understand the individual words.

While the two words, innovation and discovery, mean bringing something new to light or to the forefront, they are fundamentally different. To delve into their individual perspectives, you need to understand the various interconnected concepts.

Additionally, make sure you know the correct example of these two statements. It will help you clear your doubts properly. Examples always serve an important purpose when it comes to understanding a particular concept.

What is Discovery?

We can define discovery as the discovery of something that already exists as something new. Discoveries are often made the first time we encounter something.

Discovery is the discovery and investigation of something that already exists but is unknown. On the other hand, the creation or design of an unprecedented product or process, with your own ideas and developments is known as an invention.

The distinction between invention and discovery can help us better understand the principles and compare them more effectively. Now let us understand the difference between invention and invention.

Difference Between Discovery and Invention

Discovery Invention
The act of finding or exploring something new that has not been found before is termed as Discovery. The act of creation or designing of an object or a service that has not been found before is termed as an invention.
Discoveries are usually natural occurrences that are usually present until discovered by somebody. Inventions are man-made or scientific accomplishments made through the willpower and creativity of human beings.
Discovery involves the process of exploration of the world around us. The invention involves the process of experimentation.
Discovery cannot be patented. An invention can be patented by its creator.
Discoveries usually occur by accident, though it is not always so. Inventions usually occur through the process of sustained research and enquiry.


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