Difference Between Egestion And Excretion

Every living thing needs oxygen and nutrients to survive. In the process, they produce non-recyclable material from their systems. This “waste” can be divided into two types according to the output.

The by-products of the digestive process are the indigestible materials that remain in the digestive process. Diuresis, on the other hand, removes metabolic waste products. This is the main difference between Exgestion And Excretion.

Difference Between Egestion And Excretion


Another difference between Gestation and Excretion is the species that use both. For example, Fertilization cannot occur because plants do not have a digestive system. However, they can release metabolic wastes such as oxygen after the photosynthesis process. Animals can also perform Excretion and Excretion. Other differences between output and output are summarized below.

Difference Between Egestion And Excretion


The process involves removing undigested waste products from the body of the organism. The process involves removing wastes from the cells of organisms.
Discharged materials are undigested food and other toxic substances leftover from digestion. Discharged materials are Metabolic wastes such as carbon dioxide or oxygen.
Egestion mainly happens through the anus or the mouth. (animals such as jellyfish use their mouth to consume and discharge wastes). Excretion happens through the nose, skin and urethra.
Only animals undergo egestion. Excretion happens in both plants and animals.

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