Difference between Enthalpy and Entropy

We know that the main difference between enthalpy and entropy is that although it is part of a thermodynamic equation, enthalpy is represented as the total heat content and entropy is the degree of disorder.

Difference between Enthalpy and Entropy

Thermodynamics is the branch of research that establishes the relationship between temperature and work. There are various terms and laws for heat and energy.

Enthalpy and entropy are commonly used terms in thermodynamics. We must familiarize ourselves with the relevant laws of thermodynamics, to understand how they interact.

Here we will have an important functional difference between enthalpy and entropy. Simply put, enthalpy is represented as the total heat content, on the other hand, entropy is the degree of disorder.

What is Enthalpy?

Enthalpy represents the heat of a reaction. It is random that heat can enter or leave the system. Therefore, a change in temperature in a chemical reaction is defined as a change in enthalpy. That knowledge of the increase or decrease in the enthalpy of reaction during a chemical reaction is crucial to understanding the reaction.

What is Entropy?

Any type of solution, solid or liquid, always contains molecules. A measure of molecular heterogeneity in a system is called entropy.

Therefore, if the molecular heterogeneity is greater, the increase in the entropy of the process will be greater. And as a result, the percentage of heat that can be converted into work will be smaller. Thus, we can say that entropy is a quantitative function of heat.

Similarly, if the molecules are less random, the increase in entropy will also be smaller. Therefore, the entropy of a solid is less than that of a gas.

This is because the gases contain irregular molecules rather than solids. The entropy of a system with its surroundings always increases. Thus the entropy of the universe is always increasing.

Difference between Enthalpy and Entropy

Enthalpy Entropy
Enthalpy is a kind of energy. Entropy is a property.
It is the sum of the internal energy and the flow of energy It is the measurement of the randomness of molecules.
It is denoted by the symbol H It is denoted by the symbol S
It was termed by a scientist named Heike Kamerlingh Onnes. It was termed by a scientist named Rudolf Clausius.
Its unit is Jmol-1 Its unit is JK-1
It is applicable to related standard conditions. It does not have any limits or conditions.
The system favours minimum enthalpy<./td> The system favours maximum entropy.


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