Difference Between Force and Momentum

Although these material quantities are the same, there are differences in force and momentum. Force is generally an external action on the body, either pushing or pulling. Speed, on the other hand, represents the amount of motion within a moving object.

Difference Between Force and Momentum

The basic relationship would be that the force changes the rate. According to the second law of motion, a change in the temperature of an object, called force, also receives mass multiplied by the acceleration. Velocity varies with change in velocity and force varies with change in velocity.

What is a Force?

Force refers to the external action of pushing or pulling an object, resulting in a change in temperature. A vector value whose direction depends on the direction of acceleration.

An unbalanced force applied to the body causes the object to move. But the force acting in equilibrium results in an equal magnitude but from the opposite direction. As a result, the net effect is nullified.

therefore; When a balanced force is applied, the object does not move, so the velocity remains zero. This means that the momentum will also be zero as the momentum = mass * velocity.

The Major Types of Force
  • Contact force- This is the force produced by the actual contact between two objects. For example, a batter hitting the ball is a useful example of the power of contact.
  • Distance Acting Forces– Forces acting between objects without physical contact are defined in this category.

Object’s Momentum to its Force

  • F=dp/dt. The second law of motion gives the following equation stated by Newton. The rule states that the change in temperature of an object receives weight to the acceleration, that is, the force.
  • From the above equation, if mass is constant, then p=mv implies that dp = mdv.
  • Therefore, the equation becomes F = m * dv/dt, which is equal to ma.

It is clear from the above equation that motion depends on time. It shows that when a greater force was applied to the object, the torque increased. However, force does not depend on time like motion. This means that if the torque remains constant as time increases, the magnitude of the force will decrease.

Motion and force both have magnitude as well as direction. This means that they are both vector quantities.

If the speed changes, from the formula; p = mv;, the momentum also rotates. But the force only changes when the speed changes. If the acceleration remains constant even though the velocity of the object changes, then the force also remains constant.

Difference Between Force and Momentum

Force Momentum
The direction depends on the direction of acceleration The direction depends upon the direction of the velocity
The increase in time decreases the amount of force provided the change in momentum is constant The increase in time results in an increase in momentum change
A force exists for a stationary object The momentum is zero for a stationary object
Force can be a result of actually touching between objects and without physical contact also Momentum is the result of an unbalanced force acting on a body
Force= mass × acceleration Momentum= mass × velocity


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