Difference Between Frog And Toad

To understand the difference between a frog and a lizard, let’s introduce the two animals. Frogs and toads belong to the carnivorous group of amphibians.

They need water and cool conditions to survive and can breathe and absorb water through their thin skin. Being amphibians, they have a home, soil and water, and various glands capable of synthesizing useful proteins. Some other amphibians include salamanders, blind worms, and salamanders.

Difference Between Frog And Toad

What is Frog?

The frog is an amphibian of a group of large carnivores and is tailless and short-bodied. Frogs can be found in tropical to subtropical regions, and mostly in temperate rainforests. Frogs with larvae are called caterpillars. Therefore, it is said that all frogs are frogs but not all frogs are insects.

In this article, we will discuss the differences between frogs and toads. The adult frog has a robust body with protruding eyes and a flat lower half.

They have a tongue that first contacts the glandular skin. Effluent from the skin can be toxic and unpleasant. Adult frogs live in fresh water and on dry land, and some of them are adapted to live underground or on the ground.

What is a Toad?

This fly is an amphibian in the family Bufonid with hard and feathery skin and short legs, folds (called scales) covering the parotid gland.

Apart from the family Bufonid, and it belongs to the family Calyptocephalella, Bombinatorid, Myobatrachid, Microhylid, Rhinophrinidae, and Scaphiopodidae Head.

Compared to frogs, ants are found in terrestrial habitats and have dry, dry skin. Turtles can migrate to both spawning and non-spawning habitats throughout the pond and lake areas.

They do not mate with close relatives, and relatives recognize females by differences in male vocalizations. The frog is also a member of the Anurag (tailless) group of frogs.

Difference Between Frog And Toad




Eggs are laid in clusters Eggs are laid in long chains.


Frog tadpoles are slimmer and are gold in colour Toad tadpoles are chunky and are black in colour


A frog rarely crawls Toads move around mostly by crawling


They are usually lean and slender in appearance Toads are stubby and shorter than frogs

Texture of Skin

Frogs have smooth and moist skin Toads have comparatively drier skin and it is bumpy


Frogs live in, or nearby water their whole life Toads are much more adapted to living on dry land

Webbed feet

Frogs possess webbed feet to suit their semi-aquatic nature Toads have generally do not possess webbed feet


Frogs have longer legs, they can jump higher and further than toads Toads have relatively shorter legs and can jump, but not as high as frogs

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