Difference between Herbs and Shrubs


Herbs and Shrubs Plants are classified according to their size and branching habits. Grasses have thin, sparsely branched leaves, while shrubs are woody and heavily branched. Shrubs are taller than grass.

Difference between Herbs and Shrubs

What is Herbs?

They are small plants with thin green leaves. The stem has very few branches. These plants have low stem strength and are easily uprooted from the soil. Basil, cilantro and thyme are just a few examples of the herbs around us.

What is Shrubs?

They are a tall to medium woody trunk with many branches. These plants have a hard, flexible and robust root system. Hibiscus, jasmine lemon and rose are some of the most common shrubs around.

Difference between Herbs and Shrubs

Herbs Shrubs
Herbs are smaller than shrubs. Shrubs are comparatively taller than herbs.
Show less branching. Profusely branched stems.
Annual, biennial, and perennial. Mainly perennial.
Have thin and soft stems. Have woody, hard stems.
Examples include- coriander, parsley, basil, thyme, etc. Examples include- orange, rose peach, lavender, etc.
They can be easily uprooted. They cannot be as easily uprooted as herbs.

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