Difference Between Monohybrid And Dihybrid

Modern theories of heredity are based on the idea of heredity as part of heredity. Gregor Johann Mendel, known as the father of the science of genetics, discovered the existence of genes in his experiments with pea plants.

Mendel in the first F1 diet, bones, white flowers, plants, and a new color, while the new flower color was completely injected into the second Krause, and the results f2 f2 produce bones in hybrid rhythms :1 was the source.

Difference Between Monohybrid And Dihybrid

Based on these findings, Mendel derived theories of heredity. Phenotypic and genotype concepts were also listed. Mendel also outlined a segregation rule based on the results of F1 and F2 crosses.

It states that two pairs of chromosomes diverge from each other during gamete formation into the same number of chromosomes. Each gamete therefore carries only one gene from each pair of genes. The fusion of gametes to form a zygote is random with respect to which allele the gametes carry.

In two-hybrid varieties, in which Mendel crossed between two or more forms of the pea plant, the resulting ratio was 9:3:3:1 in F2 where they actually crossed in reverse in proportions of 3:1.

1 From these results Mendel hypothesized that alleles behave independently of each other in a pair of two hybrid genes combined Mendel’s second law It becomes different and forces genes to chromosomes. The basis of this rule is the spontaneous separation of different chromosomes in the division of meiotic cells.

What is Monohybrid?

A single hybrid can be defined as a genetic mixture of two individuals with heterogeneous genotypes or genomes with completely dominant or recessive alleles that lead to different phenotypes for a specific genetic trait.

Geneticists conduct one-hybrid cross experiments to study how the offspring of homozygous individuals exhibit heterozygous genotypes inherited from their parents. Crosses also show a mixture of genes between two individuals with heterozygous genotypes confirming allelic dominance.

What is Dihybrid?

A two-hybrid hybrid is another experiment in genetics designed to follow the behavior of the phenotype of two genes by mating individuals carrying multiple alleles at those genetic loci.

Simply put, it is a cross between two observed conditions, where how homozygous dominant traits cross with how homozygous recessive. characteristics and all heterozygotes in the first generation.

There are cases where strong phenotypic characteristics are observed, however all offspring will be carriers of recessive characteristics. The name bi-hybrid indicates that in each trait there are two traits and two different alleles.

Difference Between Monohybrid And Dihybrid




Mono refers to single and hybrid means mixed breed Di refers to two or double and hybrid means breed


Monohybrid cross is used to study the inheritance of a single pair of alleles Dihybrid cross is used to study the inheritance of 2 different alleles

Used to study

the dominance of genes

Offspring assortment

Genotype ratio



Phenotype ratio



Ratio cross test




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