Difference Between Morbidity And Mortality

The terms illness and death are often synonymous but not identical. It is the poor health status of a particular disease or condition, while it is the death rate in a population. Read more about the study on inequalities in morbidity and mortality.

Difference Between Morbidity And Mortality

What is Morbidity?

The word disease refers to the state of being sick or diseased. In addition, the term comorbidity refers to two or more conditions affecting an individual at the same time. Thus, infection rate can be defined as the number of times individuals are exposed to the disease or exposed during a given period of time.

The amount of disease is measured in two places: intensity and prevalence. In this context, prevalence refers to the percentage of the population affected by the disease. The speed with which an infection develops in individuals is what happens.

This index allows doctors, researchers, scientists and other health workers to determine the prevalence of serious diseases in the community, as well as to monitor new or severe or chronic diseases.

What is Mortality?

The death rate is the number of deaths per 1000 inhabitants in a country. The causes of death can vary. There are various death rates as a result.

For Example, the infant mortality rate is used to determine the under-one-year mortality rate. The same applies to maternal age at death and mortality rates.

Data scientists use different death rates to determine the causes of most deaths in a particular area. It can be due to illness, poor health and various other social factors.

Morbidity and mortality statistics must therefore be studied together in order to make informed decisions about the state of health of a city or country.

Difference Between Morbidity And Mortality




The state of being unhealthy or diseased State of being mortal

Refers to

The count of ill people in a population A count of deaths in a population


World Health Statistics by WHO The Human Mortality Database developed

Morbidity/ Mortality rate

Based on the type of disease, gender, age, etc. Child mortality rate, crude death rate, infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate, etc.


ICU scoring systems Number of deaths for every 100,000 people

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