Difference Between Nucleotide and Nucleoside

Difference between Nucleotide and NucleosideThe basic difference between nucleotides and nucleosides is very important to understand the basic differences between the two. They are the building blocks of nucleic acid, because nucleotides have the same moieties as nitrogenous bases, sugars and phosphate groups.

The main difference is in their molecular structure where nucleosides consist only of sugars and bases while nucleotides consist of sugar, a base and phosphate groups. Nucleotides are the precursors of RNA and DNA, while nucleosides are the precursors of the nucleotides themselves.

It is important to understand the basic differences between nucleotides and nucleosides because both are building blocks in the creation process. Another important factor that acts as a tumor is the presence of nucleic acids and the genetic code that contributes to the transmission of genetic information.

Difference Between Nucleotide and Nucleoside

Nucleotide Nucleoside
The chemical composition of nucleotide consists of a phosphate group, a sugar and a nitrogenous base. A nucleoside has a chemical composition that consists of a sugar and a base without the phosphate group.
They are one of the major causes of cancer-causing agents to this very day. They are used as agents in medicine that are primarily used against viruses and cancer-causing agents.
Some of the major examples of nucleotides are adenosine, guanosine etc. Some of the key examples of nucleosides are the same as nucleotides only with the addition of phosphate groups.


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