Difference Between Distance And Displacement

Difference between distance and displacement
Distance Vs Displacement

Distance is the length of a path between two points, while Displacement is the shortest distance between two points. Distance is the scalar quantity while Displacement is the vector quantity.

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 Difference between distance and displacement in tabular form

                                    DISTANCE                               DISPLACEMENT


Distance between two points is the distance covered by the body. It may or may not be in a straight line. it IS a straight line distance between the initial and final position of a body.



It is a scalar quantity It is a vector quantity


Its S.l unit is a meter (m) Its S.l unit is a meter (m)

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What is Displacement?

The distance covered by a body in a particular direction in a unit of time is known as displacement. Being a vector quantity it has magnitude as well as direction.

Example of Displacement

  • Consider two points A and B such that a body Is placed at point A.
  • The body can move from point A to point B along different paths I.II, III, IV, as shown In figure.
  • it can be seen from fig. that the body traveled the distance in a straight line along the path only.
  • The distance traveled by the body between points A and B along path IV is the shortest distance and is covered in a definite direction. This distance Is known as displacement.

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