Drink and cocktail

Difference between Drink and Cocktail
Difference between Drink and Cocktail

The Difference between Drink and Cocktail is given here. The drinks are distilled beverages that are consumed pure, that is, they are not mixed with other liquors or drinks, or, if they are mixed, it will be with a carbonated drink, juice, or energy in small amounts to provide a little flavor. The cocktails or cocktails are alcoholic beverages that have more than one type of liquor and more than one type of accompanying drink, with the aim of giving it a special and different flavor.


Drinks are all those drinks that contain ethanol, that is, they are alcoholic beverages. They are classified into beverages produced by alcoholic fermentation such as wine, beer, sake, and mead where the alcohol content does not exceed 15º; and distilled beverages, which are produced from a fermented product such as brandy, whiskey, vodka, rum, tequila, gin, and others.

The amount of alcohol in a drink is measured by the volume of alcohol it contains or its degree of alcohol. It is important to point out that, although the alcoholic graduation of distilled beverages is lowered, they do not stop being distilled.

The oldest alcoholic beverages are wine and beer.


A cocktail is a preparation that mixes different drinks, usually containing two or more non-alcoholic beverages such as juices, carbonated drinks, tonic water, soda, fruits, honey, milk, or cream plus one or two alcoholic drinks.

Cocktails spread from the 18th century in England and the United States, gaining popularity in the late 1920s, because adding fruit juices disguised the taste of poor-quality bootleg alcohol.

The diversity of cocktails is enormous and new cocktails are invented every day, but they can be classified into:

  • Direct: It is mixed in the glass.
  • Refreshed: It is mixed in a shaker with a stirrer and the ice is placed in the glass.
  • Shaken: Mix the ice and the drink in the shaker.
  • Frozen: They are prepared in the blender with crushed ice.
  • Flambéed: are those combinations that are set on fire.

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Difference between Drink and Cocktail

  • A drink is a distilled or fermented alcoholic beverage. They are consumed pure and are not combined with other liqueurs. If they are combined it will be with water, juice, or energy drinks in order to complement their flavors.
  • A cocktail mixes alcoholic beverages with juices, carbonated drinks, fruits, cream, and more in order to give them a special and different flavor than the main alcoholic drink

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