What is the Difference between Duck and Goose?

Difference between Duck and Goose
Difference between Duck and Goose

The Basic Difference between Duck and Goose is that A duck is an aquatic bird that belongs to the Anatidae family while a goose is an aquatic bird that belongs to this same family, but that we can find in the Anserinae subfamily and the Tadorninae subfamily.

What is Duck?

It is known as a duck to the birds that belong to the family Anatidae, especially to the subfamily Anatinae genus Anas.

They are aquatic birds, they move very well on the water and can swim, but on land, they have a very clumsy gait. Its beak is wide and flat and the color of its plumage usually varies according to the species.

They live in pairs or groups, they are social birds and spend all day looking for food. Sleep in a group at night.

We can find wild ducks and domestic ducks, they usually differ in their color, size, and behavior. The domestic duck is small and short-necked, its feathers are white or yellow, and it is docile.

Wild ducks are aggressive, the plumage of the spot is gray or brown with bright green feathers on the neck. They have white feather rings around the neck and chest. The females are usually small, white, brown, and black, colors that allow them to hide among the vegetation with their young.

What are Goose?

They are also known as geese, they are birds that belong to the Anatidae family and to the Anserinae and Tadorninae subfamilies.

Geese are aquatic birds that can swim and dive, they inhabit lakes, rivers, and dams, sometimes you can find them in estuaries, swamps, and sandy shores. They have a very energetic and powerful flight.

As with ducks, some species are domesticated and others are wild, the former coming from Asia and western Europe, and can be found on farms and homes around the world.

They can be found in open forests, bogs, fields, and low hills that surround bodies of water. They live in flocks in food-rich areas and mate for life, breaking up into small family groups when they breed.

Difference between duck and goose

  • Ducks and geese are birds that belong to the same family: Anatidae, along with swans. The key difference is that ducks belong to the Anatinae subfamily and geese belong to the Anserinae and Tadorninae subfamilies.
  • The squawk of a goose is similar to a horn.
  • The squawk of a duck is a shrill cry.
  • In geese, both sexes are responsible for incubating the eggs.
  • In the male and female geese, they take care of their chicks.
  • In ducks, the female takes care of the young alone.
  • In ducks, only the female incubates from the eggs.
  • The legs of geese are larger and webbed than those of ducks.
  • The adult geese are known as jars and the young as goslings.
  • Geese consume many more plants than ducks, preferring green leafy vegetables over insects and fish.
  • Geese molt once a year.
  • Geese can nest in holes in trees.
  • Geese are more elegant, with a longer neck.
  • Geese are usually gray, black, or white.
  • Male adult ducks are known as drakes and the young as ducklings.
  • Ducks nest in tall grass.
  • Ducks shed feathers twice a year.
  • Ducks can live in fresh or saltwater, they consume plants, small fish, insects, and mollusks that they find in it.
  • Ducks are usually of various colors depending on the species.
  • Ducks have a short neck and a chubbier body than a goose.

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