Earthquake and earthquake

An earthquake is a shaking of the earth caused by internal causes, it is usually used as a synonym for earthquake, but in some localities, it is used only to refer to less intense tremors. An earthquake is a high-intensity earth movement caused by the collision of tectonic plates.

What is an Earthquake?

It is the shaking or shaking of the earth caused by internal movements. It is usually considered a tremor of less intensity than an earthquake.

It is produced by the collision of tectonic plates; its collision or friction releases energy and causes a reorganization of the materials that make up the earth’s crust in order to achieve a mechanical balance.

One of the main causes of an earthquake is the deformation of the neighboring rocks to an active fault, they release their accumulated potential energy and cause tremors.

It should be noted that a volcanic process, the collapse of karst cavities, and the movements of slopes can also cause earthquakes.

Some experts also claim that they can be caused by changes in the river regime of a place or due to variations in atmospheric pressure.


It is the trembling of the ground caused by the collision of tectonic plates, fragments of the lithosphere that move like a rigid block, without deforming the asthenosphere, which is the immediate layer to the lithosphere.

An earthquake can be caused by the reorganization of the components of the earth’s crust, a volcanic process, or the elastic potential energy accumulated by the deformation of the rocks that are in an active fault. They can also occur by the impact of asteroids or comets or by humans when carrying out underground nuclear detonations.

It is usually considered as a sudden and temporary shaking of the earth’s crust.

Difference between earthquake and Earthquake

  • The word earthquake comes from the Latin terraemōtus, from the words: terra, “earth”, and Motus, “movement”
  • Quake or earthquake comes from the Greek σεισμός [qqeismós]
  • Every movement of the earth is considered an earthquake.
  • An earthquake is a movement of the earth that causes considerable damage.
  • It is usually called an earthquake to movements that exceed 7.5 degrees of magnitude on the Richter scale.
  • Earthquakes that reach 4 degrees are considered tremors.


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