10 Examples of School Discrimination

The discrimination refers to a biased assessment of someone for any condition of his person, usually associated with the characteristics he has for his family ancestry in various issues (religion, socioeconomic status, nationality).

Discrimination, however, can be motivated by differences related to the genes and appearance of a person’s body, or even according to the sex of the person, or the sexual choice that he developed.

Discrimination is often considered to be an act that occurs between strangers and is restricted to the street or the public sphere. The reality, however, indicates that there are many occasions in which discrimination scenes occur within an intimate nucleus, often beginning with the same family.

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The school, as a training institution and prone to the coexistence of different people, is not exempt from this. By contrast, school development is the first where a person comes into contact with some who do not constitute their family but are ‘strangers’. In this sense, it is that the school acts as the first institution in which one meets people whom they do not know, and the question of the prejudices carried out will naturally be decisive.

There are many who claim that children are especially cruel or bad in some of their attitudes. In fact, it is preferable to say that they have not built the framework to measure the implication of the mockery or the bad treatment that can be done to the other, they have not oiled the mechanism of imagining themselves in the other’s place. Child abuse, fighting, and tantrums when interacting with each other are common from early childhood, and not all such treatment should be compared and equated with discrimination.

It is at the moment that children are able to understand the differences that exist between them that school discrimination appears. Over the years, it is common for discrimination to appear among children as a first reaction to these differences: children belonging to the majority groups run with the best luck and will never be mocked, while always they want can be included in the group of mockers.

The school, alert to the very high probability of phenomena of this type, must take preventive actions. There are also teachers and even schools that inadvertently reproduce the phenomenon of discrimination towards those belonging to certain minorities, which is then inserted into children and it is very difficult to remove it, producing very strong pain and anguish for the victim, who sometimes has no other option than to change schools.

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Examples of School Discrimination

The following list includes some examples of episodes considered school discrimination :

  1. Teasing students who have relevant physical characteristics.
  2. I despise children who have some kind of disability.
  3. Abuse of older children to minors.
  4. You tease shy children.
  5. I reject students who have a low socioeconomic status.
  6. You tease children with certain cultural traits. (These last two, in the case of young children, show a strong degree of discrimination within the home)
  7. You taunt those who are not able to handle some youth-specific codes at the time.
  8. Worse treatment of women.
  9. I reject children with more capacity in school.
  10. Ill-treatment of boys who do not like activities that are considered ‘men’s’, or girls who reject activities ‘for women’.


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