Differences between fable and tale

The Differences between fable and tale is given here. Fable and short stories are different narrative genres. However, they can be confused due to the freedom a story offers in terms of characters and stories. A fable is very different from a tale or story and we will see it next.

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What is a Fable?

It is a short literary composition that can be in prose or verse. Its main characteristic is that the main characters are animals or inanimate things with human characteristics. Its intention is didactic, it has an ethical and universal character that is at the end of it, its purpose is to provide a teaching or learning known as a moral. Usually criticizes local or national customs and vices as well as the typical characteristics of human nature.

It usually has a narrator who tells the events that occurred in the third person and in chronological order. They are short stories with a problem that may or may not have a solution. It exposes the vices and virtues in an ironic and malicious way.

What is a tale or Story?

A story is a short narrative created by one or more authors based on fictional or real events whose plot is carried out by a very small group of characters and that develops a simple plot. It is shared orally or in writing, although it was traditionally transmitted orally. You can narrate real or fantastic events on the basis of being an act of fiction or fiction with real events with real characters. It contains a few characters who participate in a central action, the main requirement is a shocking ending. It can be written in verse in whole or in part, it is usually given in prose. It is short in length, much shorter than a novel, and usually focuses on a climax or a single plot.

Differences between fable and tale

  • In the fable, we find a short story starring animals or humanized objects. Its purpose is to moralize and transmit criticism of vices and human nature.
  • In a story we find a short narrative focused on a single plot and with few characters.

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