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Facts About Kidneys

The kidneys are an important organ because they filter excess water and harmful toxins from the blood. Most vertebrates in the animal kingdom have kidneys that do basically the same thing, however they are organized and the way they work is very different Read on to learn more about the liver and how it works:

Facts About Kidneys

Fascinating Facts About The Kidneys

  1. Each day, the average human kidney filters approximately 112 to 144 liters of blood and excretes 0.94 to 1.7 liters of urine per day.
  2. The kidneys also produce hormones that regulate various bodily functions. Renin is one of those hormones that regulate blood pressure.
  3. The main, functional part of the liver is called a nephron, and they help filter blood. Kidneys consist of millions of nephrons.
  4. Kidney stones are a condition in which minerals in the urine crystallize and grow large enough to block the flow of urine. It is a very sad situation for obvious reasons. The largest kidney stone recorded so far weighed more than 4.25 kg.
  5. Foods high in oxalate such as dairy products, eggs and cheese increase the risk of kidney stones tenfold.
  6. The average human liver is no bigger than a closed fist and weighs less than 0.4 kg.
  7. Scientists estimate that the number of sperm nephrons begins to decrease by 1% per year.
  8. Once hepatitis sets in, it cannot be reversed, results can be diminished.

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