Difference between faith and hope

The terms faith and hope are often confused with relative ease between people. However, they have different meanings, and to understand them we must understand the meaning of each concept separately.


It is about the belief in a higher power, be it an individual or god. The term faith comes from the Latin fides and is nothing more than the security and trust in a person, opinion, doctrine, thing, or teaching of religion. It is also defined as the belief not supported by evidence or the assurance produced by a promise or oath. Faith from the point of view of almost all the religions of the world has common points and also many disagreements. The concept of faith varies for almost all religions. For some, it implies blind trust in God and in others, trust and following his doctrines.

According to the RAE, faith is the set of beliefs of a religion or towards a group of people or individuals. This occurs because it is commanded by an individual of authority or public fame.


Hope is an optimistic state of mind simply based on the expectation of obtaining good results in what you want to do or achieve. According to the RAE, hope is a state of mind that arises when we realize something we want is achievable. Hope is also a virtue of the Christian religion, along with faith and charity.

Difference between faith and hope

  • Faith is an often unsubstantiated belief in a higher power, group of people, or person.
  • Hope is an optimistic state of mind that expects the best results in what you plan to achieve, live, and receive.

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