Difference between Farm and Ranch

The Difference between Farm and Ranch is given here. A farm is a rural land where agriculture or livestock is practiced and includes various structures while a ranch is rural housing in areas of America and is characterized by being humble and simple in design.

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What is Farm?

A farm is a rural land where the breeding of small or large livestock and agriculture is carried out. It includes various structures dedicated to the production and management of food, fibers, and fuels. It is the basis of the production of the food we consume. It can be owned and managed by an individual, family, community, corporation, or business. It can be of various sizes, from a part of a hectare to thousands of hectares. In the case of commercial farms we find cattle breeding, there are them for the training of horses, for the production of dairy products, we can also find fish farms and school farms, dedicated to imparting knowledge in the breeding and care of animals.

What is Ranch?

A ranch is a rural dwelling in areas of America such as Uruguay, Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. It has humble characteristics although, it is also called a ranch to the private extension with more than 2 km 2 with crops and farm animals. During the Spanish Conquest, the suitable places for camping were called ranches, that is, those with good weather, freshwater, and firewood. Due to transitivity, this Spanish word began to be used to name permanent rural houses and rustic cabins. In the armed forces and prisons at the time of rest to eat and the food is called a ranch. A ranch in its interior usually has little furniture and has the necessary equipment for life in the country. The floor is usually rammed or polished earth. In times of the Conquest, it became the home of the gaucho or descendant of indigenous and Spanish. These houses were absolutely simple because the gauchos lacked documents to guarantee their ownership and were frequently evicted. In Venezuela, poorly built, improvised houses made with materials such as cardboard or zinc are called ranches where people from lower strata live. In Mexico, it is used to name farms or haciendas, hamlets, and villages.

Difference between farm and ranch

  • The farm is the rural land and its structures dedicated to livestock and agriculture, to obtaining fibers and biofuels.
  • A ranch is a rural house with simple characteristics and depending on the country its meaning varies. It can be a farm or a home from the lowest strata of society.

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