Faun and Satyr

Difference between faun and satyr
Difference between faun and satyr

The difference between faun and satyr is given here. The fauns were deities of Roman mythology, he was the god of the fields and the shepherds, as well as a prophetic deity and a spirit of the forests. Satyrs are male creatures that according to Greek mythology accompanied Pan and Dionysus wandering through forests and mountains. They are related to an unbridled sexual appetite.


The term faun comes from the Latin, Faunus, which means, flattering. She was, in Roman mythology, one of the most popular deities.

According to the best-known version, Fauno was the third of the kings of Lazio, he was the son of Pico, grandson of Saturn, and father of Latino with the nymph Marica. Fauno promoted agriculture and cattle ranching and was a distinguished hunter.

He is the god of fields and shepherds and is a prophetic divinity. Considered a rustic deity, he was the spirit of the forests, plains, and fields.

Over time the existence of various fauns in addition to the original god was assumed. They were described as monsters, shaped like a goat from the waist down, with a small tail at the end of the spine, goat ears, and horns.


The term satyr comes from the Greek Satyroi and they are male creatures that accompanied Pan and Dionysus, while they wandered through the forest and mountains. According to mythology, they were related to an uncontrolled sexual appetite.

They were part of the Dionysian procession that accompanied the god Dionysus. According to mythology, satyrs come from Maron, Leno, and Astro, the oldest satyrs and sons of Silenus.

They are represented as half-man, half-ram creatures, they have pointed ears and horns on their heads. Their hair is abundant, their nose is flat, they have a goat’s tail and permanent priapism (continuous and painful erection of the penis). They are cheerful and mischievous creatures, although they can be dangerous and violent if provoked.

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Difference between faun and satyr

  • Satyrs are creatures from Roman mythology. They are usually defined as half man and half deer, although some references define them as half man and half goat.
  • Satyrs are creatures from Greek mythology. They are defined as half man and half goat.
  • Satyrs have a lewd, crude, and vulgar attitude.
  • Fauns are beings with more style, finesse, grace, and elegance.
  • In the original texts, fauns have human-like legs.
  • Satyrs are presented with hooves instead of goats feet.
  • Fauns are always portrayed as delicate, innocent, and attractive to look at.
  • Satyrs are portrayed as clumsy beings, with a lot of rock, small eyes, a flat nose, and a huge mouth.

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