Festival and Carnival

Difference between festival and carnival
Difference between festival and carnival

The difference between festival and carnival is given here. A Festival is a party that includes a set of celebrations or currently, a song competition of one or more styles, while a carnival is a party celebrated in countries with a predominantly Catholic religion, but not related to religion, which begins later from Ash Wednesday and ends the following Tuesday, it is a playful party where costumes and parades are the protagonists.

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According to mythology, it is a set of celebrations that are held in honor of the gods. At present, it is a competition of songs of one or more styles that are organized by a community or a municipality.


It is a celebration that, in Catholic countries, occurs earlier in Christian Lent and therefore has a variable date. It always starts on a Thursday and ends the following Tuesday. Combine elements like costumes, bands, parties, and parades. This festival has differences in its celebration throughout the world, but its common characteristic is that it is a period of permissiveness and lack of control.

Its origin dates back to the pagan festivals that were held in honor of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, the Saturnalia, Lupercal, and other pagan festivals of Egypt and Sumer for more than 5000 years ago. Carnival is usually associated with countries with a Catholic tradition and Protestant cultures have modified traditions. They have similar parties at any time of the year.

It is currently a playful party.

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Difference between festival and carnival

  • Carnival is a public, popular, and street party characterized by costumes, masks, float caravans, and certain debauchery.
  • In a carnival, float parades are held in demarcated streets, and in the end, there are dances and awards ceremonies.
  • A festival is a set of representations of different themes such as dance, gastronomy dances, cinema, and music. It takes place in auditoriums, theaters, or outdoors. It has a competitive character.
  • In ancient times, festivals were celebrations in honor of the gods.

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