Fixed income and equities

Differences between Fixed Income and Equities
Differences between Fixed Income and Equities

The Differences between Fixed Income and Equities is given here. Fixed income and equities are different concepts that you should know when making an investment. Fixed income is a debt issue issued by corporate entities with high financial capacity with a defined amount, the variable income, in turn, does not express the amount to be received in case of investing in it, nor does it ensure a profit or benefit over time.

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Fixed rent

They are issues or debt instruments that have been made by States or companies with great financial power with a defined amount and expiration date. It is similar to a bank loan. The bonds are sold to investors who, in exchange for their money, receive interest.

In this type of income, an investor receives interest from time to time, which is calculated using mathematical and financial formulas. Fixed income is known as bonds or negotiable securities in the stock market, for this reason, investors can take the bond and sell it to recover their investment quickly.

They are profitable since the interest is determined for the entire life of their issuance, however, it is not a fixed interest rate.

This income has a maturity period and its price fluctuates in the market, the risk is lower because it has financial backing that ensures the investor the repayment of the debt plus the profitability agreed upon at the time of issuance even if the price of the bond varies by the market.

Variable income

It is a type of investment that is formed by financial assets in which the return of the invested capital or profitability is not guaranteed. At the time that an investor acquires a variable income, the interest it will generate is unknown.

An example of equities are stocks, mutual funds, shares, and convertible bonds. When a share is acquired, the dividend to be paid to shareholders will depend on how well the business is doing for the company. For this reason, it is a type of high-risk investment, but it generates a higher return than fixed income.

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Differences between Fixed Income and Equities

  • Fixed income is a type of debt that a financial institution acquires with the sale of bonds at a fixed interest and return. The lender is an investor who offers his money in exchange for the bond and its benefits.
  • Equity is an investment that is made up of the assets of a company. They are generally stocks and their profitability will depend on how well the company is doing in its business.
  • The fixed income ensures the return of the money to the investor and ensures their profitability.
  • Equities can generate higher profits but, it is a high-risk investment that does not return the investment or ensure its profitability if the business or the market goes bad.

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