Difference between Gamma rays and X-rays in Tabular form

The basic difference between Gamma rays and x-rays is that Gamma rays are produced by the nucleus of the radioactive element while X rays are emitted by absorbing high energy electrons in the matter. Frequency of  X – Rays is less than the frequency of Gamma rays.

Difference between Gamma rays and X-rays in tabular form

Gamma rays



Gamma rays are emitted by the nucleus of radioactive elements. X-rays are produced by absorbing high energy electrons in matter.


The frequency of gamma rays is very high. The frequency of x-rays is lower than those of gamma rays.

What are Gamma rays?

Gamma rays (γ) are weightless packets of energy called photons. Unlike alpha and beta particles, which have energy and mass, gamma rays are pure energy. Gamma rays are similar to visible light but have much higher energy. Gamma rays are usually emitted along with alpha or beta particles during radioactive decay.

Gamma rays are a radiation hazard to the entire body. They can easily penetrate the barriers that stop alpha and beta particles, such as skin and clothing. Gamma rays are so powerful for penetration that it would take several inches of dense material, such as lead or even a few feet of cement, to stop them. Gamma rays can completely pass through the human body; As they pass they can cause ionizations that damage tissue and DNA.

What are X-Rays?

Due to their use in medicine, almost everyone knows about X-rays. X-rays are similar to gamma rays in that they are pure energy photons. X-rays and gamma rays have the same basic properties but come from different parts of the atom. X-rays are emitted by processes outside the nucleus, but gamma rays originate from inside the nucleus. They generally have less energy and are therefore less penetrating than gamma rays. X-rays can be produced naturally or by means of electrical machines.

Every day, literally thousands of X-ray machines are used in medicine. Computed tomography, commonly known as CT or CT, uses special x-ray equipment to take detailed pictures of the bones and white tissues in the body. Medical radiographs are the most extensive source of human-made radiation exposure.

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