What is difference between General and specific objective?

Difference between General and Specific Objective
Difference between General and Specific Objective

The Difference between General and Specific Objective is given here. When you are part of an organization or carry out research or project it is common to find general and specific objectives. It is easy to confuse them as they are both written in the infinitive.

The difference between general and specific objective is quite simple to understand, although perhaps not so easy to put into practice.

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Overall objective

General objectives are those that are formulated to complete a goal or signal the end of a project or research.

The general objective in the case of a project is always related to its title, that is, it is the same title with the difference that it is written in the infinitive.

That is why the general objective is the simplest step to formulate when conducting an investigation, unlike the statement of the problem and the legal, methodological, and conceptual frameworks. It is even easier to write than specific objectives.

When formulating the general objective it is convenient to take into account that it must be:

  • Qualitative: It must indicate quality.
  • Integral: It must be able to integrate the specific objectives and for this, it must be headed by a higher level verb.
  • Terminal: You must define a deadline.

Specific objectives

These are objectives that come from the general objective, they are objectives written with a verb of a lower level than the verb in which the general objective from which they come was written.

Specific objectives are a series of purposes that lead to achieving the general objective.

The specific objectives must have:

  • Clarity: The language in which they are written must be clear and precise.
  • Feasibility: The objectives must be able to be met through the selected methodology.
  • Relevance: They must be logically related to the problem to be solved.

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Difference between General and Specific Objective

  • A general objective specifies the purpose of a study, research, organization, or company.
  • The general objectives are activities to fulfill to carry out the general objective.

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